Current Service Status IV

All accounts should be restored. If youo are not working, please raise a ticket on reach out in the support group on discord. Discord: 

12th Oct 2019
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There seems to be an issue with the mass email client.

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28th Sep 2019
Current Service Status

Hello All,   As most of you may have noticed by now the servers are offline and you are unable to view any content, this is due to the implementation of the new management panel. That process started last night and will continue on into the day. This process was started now in an effort to get back up as soon as we possibly can. It will take a ... Read More »

21st Sep 2019
New Multiscreen feature

Install the latest version of the 2htv app on your android device and enjoy the multiscreen feature that allows you to watch up to 4 channels at once!

*Must have multiple connections available on your account to use this feature.

30th Aug 2019
If your service says it's offline please do the following...

Go to settings > applications >manage installed applications iptvsmarters or 2htv app > force stop clear cache and launch

2nd Jul 2019
Epg down

The epg guide is down for maintenance. This means when you click install epg from the app home menu it will not install.  We will inform you once it is back online and available to use. 

Thank you.

27th Apr 2019
You can now add additional lines to your subscription

You've asked and now it can be done. You can now watch up to 5 devices on one account.   You can add  additional connections from the available addons section under the  services tab in your client portal or on the checkout page when you order new service. 

8th Dec 2018
Channel interuptions

US Stations are starting to become more stable again as, the ISPs repair lines on the east and west coast. Remember as alternatives you can watch from the Canadian section some of the same content as the US without incident right now.

14th Nov 2018
Lean how to Watch for Free

Earn free service simply by referring someone. Enjoying 2htv? Tell your friends and family about it and earn free viewing time as they sign up. Simply activate your and share your affiliates link in the client area of and for every person that signs up under your link will earn a $1 credit. Every $10 will earn you a free month ... Read More »

10th Nov 2018